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Line Up

Adonis Rose: drums

Tia Fuller: alto/soprano sax

Maurice Brown: trumpet

Sasha Masakowski: vocals

Miki Hayama: piano/keyboards

Jasen Weaver: bass

Liner Notes, ADONIS ROSE

Piece of Mind is so relevant now in the turbulent times we live in. With global disease, racism, social injustice, uncertainty and death happening around the world we need the healing power of music now more than ever. This musical aggregation is about freedom and celebration, love and liberation, camaraderie, expression, empathy and change.


Looking back over my music career (which has spanned over 25 years) I find myself in a place where I can create on a level I’ve only dreamed of. From my early years as a child playing the drums on the porch in the St. Bernard projects for groups of kids, to attending NOCCA, college and touring the world, I can remember one thing that was always there. Music.


After many years of recording as a leader Piece of Mind is my first live recording project. This project is special to me for many reasons. Let’s just start with having the pleasure of performing with some of the best musicians in the world. At the one of the best jazz clubs on the planet, and being afforded the opportunity to present music that I’ve desired to record for some years now. Piece of Mind brings these things together for me.


When thinking about what I wanted the concept of the record to be it immediately directed me to who the players would be. Besides, a project can only work if it has the right cast of players. Since I wanted to dig into the music of great New Orleanian musicians I had to organize the right group of cats. Ones that I had relationships with and that were familiar with my hometown.


Label/Record Info.

Storyville Records/ Live at Blue LLama Records

Recording Engineers: Jim Roll & Keith Kinnea

Live Sound Engineer: Justin Sailor

Mixed by Tim Stanbaugh and Adonis Rose

Mastered by Ed Petersen

Producer: Christian Brorsen

Executive Producers: Adonis Rose & Dave Sharp

Thank you to Don Hicks, Louis Goral, Tom Clark,

Patrick Pummel, Stage Consultants

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