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Master drummer and Artistic Director of the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra releases his first standards album, For All We Know, featuring Sarah Vaughn Competition winner Gabrielle Cavassa, pianist Ryan Hanseler, and bassist Lex Warshawsky. His first trio recording as a leader, features original arrangements of What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life, So Many Stars, and original compositions that showcase the flexibility and virtuosity of this powerhouse trio.

Adonis Rose                    Drums

Ryan Hanseler               Piano

Lex Warshawsky          Bass

Gabrielle Cavassa      Vocals

Recorded April 2022

Word of Mouth Studios

Produced by Adonis Rose

Liner Notes  Adonis Rose

Engineer  Tim Stanbaugh

Mastering  Bruce Barielle

Album Design  Finn Nygaard

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Renowned drummer and Artistic Director of the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, Adonis Rose, releases his new ballads album 'For All We Know', featuring his trio and vocalist Gabrielle Cavassa, on Storyville Records. Cavassa (winner of the Sarah Vaughan competition in 2021) represents a new generation of wonderful and very talented new vocalists who know the tradition. Behind her, she has the Adonis Rose Trio, two young and very talented musicians, pianist Ryan Hanseler, who has also contributed two original songs to the album, and one of the most exciting new bassists right now, Lex Warshawsky.

From his early days, sharing the stage with trumpeter Terence Blanchard, to his tenure with Betty Carter, Wynton Marsalis, Marcus Roberts, and more, Rose has cultivated a legacy of excellence. Amidst his journey, an unfulfilled desire lingered - a yearning to create a standards record. He found himself contemplating his musical legacy, recognizing that he had yet to craft a record primarily dedicated to the enduring classics.

The recording is a soulful homage to the timeless classics that have shaped jazz history. This project marks a poignant departure from the norm as Rose and his trio take on a selection of standards with fresh arrangements and an invigorating spirit. Hanseler's piano artistry, Warshawsky's dynamic basslines, and Cavassa's emotionally charged vocals meld seamlessly with AR's drumming, creating a tapestry of sound that resonates with audiences across the globe. Their synergy is palpable as they effortlessly breathe new life into each arrangement.

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